Student Testimonials: Courtney King

KingCourtney King, Class of 2016

Master of Music – Flute Performance

“I am a second year graduate student working on my degree in flute performance.  I highly recommend this school as an option for the working professional. I am a mother of three kids that I homeschool. I also maintain an actively gigging musical group and a small flute studio. There are a variety of online classes you have the option of taking to ease your scheduling and most classes are offered after 5 pm with the exception of flute studio class time, which can be completed in 2 afternoons a week each semester. The flute studio is welcoming and offers a wide variety of performing opportunities for each student.  The flutists are hard-working, motivated and encouraging. Each flutist works toward their individual goals while learning from each other in studio class. Expectations are set high, but Dr. Monier gives each student a thorough plan for reaching their goal. Lastly, I have been encouraged to tailor this degree to my current professional plans. For example,  I take an independent study with a saxophone professor to hone my improvisation skills and my repertoire selection is largely influenced by my non-traditional interests.”


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