Student Testimonial: Sophie Browning

My experiencBrowninges at SIUE have been nothing short of amazing. Because the university is a bit smaller, you have plenty of opportunities to get to know professors on a greater level and they get to know you as well, which helps with your growth as a student and musician. I am thankful for the professors who have willingly spent extra time outside of class with me on special areas that I have interest in.

My favorite part of SIUE is the wide variety of ensembles you can be a part of. My main instrument is clarinet so of course I play in the Wind Symphony and Orchestra. But, I also play the steel pan in the Steel Band, which is rare ensemble especially in this area. For fun, I also play bass drum in the E-Band drumline.  As an education major, I can teach clarinet lessons around local schools and work with local marching bands, too. This kind of experience is essential and is extremely beneficial for my future career as an educator, and it is also very rare to have. Of course I cannot forget the amazing friendships I have built while being in this department. There is always opportunity waiting for you here, and you have the chance to take advantage of that.

Sophie Browning, Class of 2016

Music Education


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